12 July 1940

12 July 1940

Twelve aircraft take off between 15:45 and 16:20 for a new patrol, again without any particular event.

Pilots and Aircrafts : Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders (P2801) ; Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts (P3111) ; Pilot Officer David Evans (P2578[1]) ; Pilot Officer Ralph Roberts (N2479[2]) ; Flying Officer Anthony Eyre (L1829) ; Squadron Leader Joseph R. Kayll (P3109) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Young (N3337) ; Flight Lieutenant Lionel M. Gaunce (P2963) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Montgomery (N2328) ; Pilot Officer Michael R. Mudie (L1584) ; Flying Officer Peter Collard (P2768) ; Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner (P3380) [15:35 – 16:20 : Patrol]

[1] The form 541 seems to mention a serial P2567, which seems to be a Hawker Hurricane, of No.607 Squadron, lost in France. This is probably a typographical error with the regular P2578 used by Pilot Officer David Evans.

[2] Here again form 541 mentions a serial N2487, which corresponds to an aircraft used, among others, by No.245 Squadron. An error with the N2479 flown several times by Pilot Officer Ralph Roberts seems likely.

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