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The history of the Second World War is relatively well known today. As an illustration, it is sufficient to note the number of documentaries regularly broadcast on television channels, as well as the multitude of publications.

Yet, there are still many topics relatively untreated or totally forgotten.

The purpose of this website is to bring out these stories from the mists of memory to make them discover to as many people as possible. It is also a question of paying tribute to soldiers and airmen, whatever their nationalities, in order not to forget them.

The stories presented here will be mainly focused on aviation and its history with a zoom on the African continent.

Please note that I am not English speaking (I am French). I tried to translate this website to make it understandable to a non-French speaking audience. I present, in advance, my apologies for the many  errors in the English language. Thank you not to hesitate to report them to me in order to improve.

The East Africa Campaign

If the history of the Second World War is relatively well known today, there are still forgotten episodes of this conflict. This is the case of the East African Campaign between the Italians and the British Empire. This is to tell the rich and unknown story of the air operations that took place there.

No.615 (County of Surrey) Squadron

This squadron has the particularity of having participated in the Battle of France and England, as well as having hosted several free French pilots. Curiously, memories of the war have been forgotten. These few pages are intended to tell his story.

Miscellaneous Articles

Here you will find a series of articles on various topics related to Aviation History or Military History.

Last articles

A Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 of 44bis Gruppo BT (6a Squadriglia BT) makes an attack on Aden at around 07h55. Flying Officer Gordon S.K. Haywood (L9047)…

On the night of 12 to 13 October, the SAAF organized a combined bombardment of No.11 and No.12 (SAAF) Squadron on the Italian airfield of Yabelo…

At approximately 09h45, HMS Auckland reported an unsuccessful attack by two Savoia-Marchetti SM.79s from an estimated altitude…

Ten aircraft take off from Kenley at 09:40 am to join Hawkinge to escort a Flight of twelve Bristol Blenheim in charge of an aerial photography…

Twelve pilots take off from Kenley at 06h44 in the direction of Hawkinge to carry out a reconnaissance of the Dieppe – Rouen – Boos sector.

Nine Hawker Hurricanes take off from Kenley to join Hawkinge at 05h45. They leave at 07h00 for an offensive reconnaissance of the Abbeville…

The Namibia Campaign is a negligible military event in the history of the First World War by its impact on the overall situation.

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