2 December 1940

2 December 1940

Northern Front

The K (RAF) Flight receives three additional Gloster Gladiators, namely N5629, N5896 and N5917, they are accompanied by a new pilot, Pilot Officer Alan Tofield. They will be followed on 4 December by N5833 and N5895. At the same time, Flying Officer Rovert H. Chapman and Pilot Officer Gordon A. Wolsey are transferred to Khartoum to join No.1 (SAAF) Squadron. The detachment will, however, be very short as they will be back on 10 December.[1]

Bombardment of the Italian position of Adi Ugri (Mendefera), along the road between Kassala and Asmara, by Bristol Blenheim of No.14 (RAF) Squadron. It could be the bombing carried out on 2 December 1940 (07:25 – 12:25) by Sergeant John R. Taylor.. Collection : No.14 (RAF) Squadron Association.

[1] K Flight : Operations Record Book (Form 540 and Form 541). Kew : TNA, AIR 29/858.

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