21 December 1940

21 December 1940

Northern Front

As on the previous day, K Flight and No.1 (SAAF) Squadron continued to patrol over Port Sudan with two Gloster Gladiators Mk II and three Hawker Hurricanes Mk I, between 05:35 and 17:05 ), to provide protection for convoy W.S.4.A.[1]

Southern Front

No.11 (SAAF) Squadron had some problems when an engine problem is detected on the Fairey Battle during a technical inspection. In this case, a mixture of sludge and oil is found in three different engines. All aircraft are grounded pending analysis by SAAF technical services in Pretoria. If the problem turns out to be minor, the Fairey Battles will remain grounded until the end of the month.

No.34 (SAAF) Coastal Flight is on its first operational sortie when Avro Anson No.1160 L7992 (in this case the only airworthy aircraft) takes off on a seven-hour maritime patrol from Dar es Salaam to Malindi. The crew consisted of Lieutenant R.A. Hime and Michael C.E. MacDonald.[2]

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