3 December 1940

3 December 1940

Northern Front

Five Gloster Gladiators (Captain Garald J. le Mesurier, Lieutenant John L Hewitson, Robin Pare, Servaas de Kock Viljoen and Leonard le Clues Theron) take off from Azaza at 10:45. Lieutenant Leonard le Clues Theron, however, is soon forced to return to Azaza due to engine problems.

They join three Hawker Hardy aircraft of No. 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron: K4318 (Flight Lieutenant Neville S.F. Tyas, Sergeant Hercules L. Maltas), K4314 (Flying Officer Edward W.S. Jacklin; Sergeant Rhodes W. Horobin) and K4316 (Flying Officer Alexander T.R. Hutchinson; Sergeant J.G.P. Burl). They are tasked with attacking several fuel and ammunition depots in the Gallabat – Metemma sector, as well as dropping several propaganda leaflets.

On the way back, a Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 is engaged over Al-Qadarif by the South Africans, but without results.

Two Savoia-Marchetti SM.79s of the 4bis Gruppo (14 Squadriglia) are transferred from Dire Dawa to Gura airfield.

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