6 January 1941

6 January 1941

Northern Front

As the day before, No.14 (RAF) Squadron returned to Massawa. The Blenheim Mk IV T1818 (Sergeant Roy G. Gilmore, Kenneth James Wilkie and Smith) took off at 12:00 for a photographic reconnaissance of the harbour and bombing of the Regia Aeronautica HQ. Although the first task is accomplished, the crew is forced to turn back quickly due to the intervention of three Fiat CR.42s. The British aircraft landed, undamaged, at 16:10 at Port Sudan airfield. The crew claims one damaged Fiat CR.42.[1] They are followed by three Bristol Blenheim MK IVs, from No.14 (RAF) Squadron, between 14:30 and 20:55 and three Vickers Wellesley of No.223 (RAF) Squadron between 14:30 and 21:15.[2] All the attacks, however, did not produce any results.

Southern Front

The situation is quite similar on the southern front during the beginning of January: a certain lull in air operations, while the few flights are limited to patrols or reconnaissance without any significant events. Thus, during the day of 6 January, No.40 (SAAF) Squadron sent two Hartbees for a reconnaissance of the border area with Italian Somalia: in this case Sololo (02:30 minutes) and Kalama (55 minutes). At the same time, a Junkers Ju.86, of No.12 Squadron, carries out a coastal patrol from Mombasa harbour.

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