9 June 1940

9 June 1940

As on the previous day, nine pilots left Kenley at 10h15 to join Tangmere in order to carry out an offensive patrol, in company with No.111 and 601 (RAF) Squadron, above the Le Tréport – Aumale – Poix sector (12h00 – 13h30).

Again, one of the Hawker Hurricanes (Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders – P3487) had to abandon the mission due to technical problems. This time, however, the stopover is not made in France, but on the aerodrome of Hawkinge, from where a second patrol is carried out over the same sector in the afternoon (15h35) .

The remaining eight planes return to Kenley at 19h15 after a flight time of 04h40, once again without meeting the Luftwaffe. Visibility is reported to be very poor, while pilots note large columns of smoke rising from the cities of Rouen and Beauvais [1].

Pilots and Aircrafts : Flight Lieutenant Lionel M. Gaunce (P2966) ; Flying Officer Peter Collard (P2768) ; Pilot Officer Petrus H. Hugo (P2963) ; Flying Officer John R.H. Gayner (P2871) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Young (N2337) ; Pilot Officer Cecil R. Montgomery (L1584) ; Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders (P3487) ; Pilot Officer Keith T. Lofts (P2793) ; Pilot Officer John R. Lloyd (2801).

Losses : Hawker Hurricane Mk I P3487 (Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders) : returns to Kenley due to a technical problem.

[1] No.11 (Fighter) Group ORB. Kew : The National Archives, AIR 25/193.

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