10 September 1940

10 Septembre 1940

Northern Front

In the night, British troops launch an attack on Fort Kassala. No. 14 (RAF) Squadron sends, at 11h15, three Vickers Wellesley in support. They are intercepted shortly after by two Fiat CR.42. The Vickers Wellesley K7763 (James A. Ferguson Pilot Officer, James Lynch Pilot Officer [1], Sergeant Thomas Conway [2]) was shot down, only the pilot was POW, while a second bomber was claimed. In any case, the bombardment does not seem to have a major effect, as the Italians repel the ground attack shortly after [3].

According to Christopher Shores and Corrado Ricci, on that date, Regia Aeronautica had lost 84 aircraft (all causes), while 143 members were killed and 71 wounded [4].

Southern Front

Following the imminent departure of No. 237 (Rhodesia) Squadron, No. 40 BAF Squadron (SAAF) was ordered to join Garissa to replace them. [5]

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