18 May 1940

18 May 1940

Unfortunately, there is no concrete detail on the events of this day. At most, the ORB indicates the preparation of an escort mission, for the benefit of Bristol Blenheim at 04h00, which is canceled; while Brian Cull [1] mentions a brief confrontation with Heinkel He.111 of KG 1 without further details.

[1] CULL, Brian ; LANDER, Bruce ; WEISS, Heinrich. Twelve Days in May. The Air Battle for Northern France and the Low Countires, 10 – 21 May 1940, as seen through the eyes of the fighter pilots involved. London : Grub Street, 1999, p.225.

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  1. GP Cox says:

    I am still learning about Africa and the ETO, but a very good researcher and mentor of mine, Pierre Lagace, has over 20 blogs – one of them is sure to be of interest to you. He speaks French and English and does translation, so he might be of assistance in that area as well.

    • ajcrou says:


      Indeed, I know Pierre Legace’s blogs / website (which I consult regularly, unfortunately the lack of time to read everything …). I had communicated with him regularly, a few years ago, when I started my research on the East African Campaign (and the creation of my first blog on wordpress). His research and memory work is really very impressive.

      Best Regards,
      Alexis Rousselot

      NB : I also try to regularly read your excellent and very interesting website (my knowledge about Pacific and Asia during WWII is sadly very limited).

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