19 October 1940

19 October 1940

Northern Front

The French continue their reconnaissance flights aboard Glenn-Martin 167F n°102 (Flight Lieutenant Jacques Dodelier, Warrant Officer Yves Trecan, Flight Sergeant Ronan Michel and Robert Cunibil) with the sector Dire Dawa – Shinile – Zeilah between 08h15 and 12h00. One Caproni Ca.133 is seen on the airfield of Dire Dawa, while a Fiat CR.42 takes off, but without catching the reconnaissance aircraft.[1]

Southern Front

Three Caproni Ca.133 of 25bis Gruppo BT take off from Gobwen to attack Garissa airfield in the evening.[2] They claim the destruction of two aircraft on the ground. Two pilots of No.2 (SAAF) Squadron take off aboard their Hawker Fury to intercept them at around 18h05. Lieutenant Hendrik J.P. Burger (N°200) claims a destroyed Italian aircraft, while Lieutenant Japie Wiese is not able to catch up with the other two bombers because of the darkness. Indeed, one Caproni Ca.133 is forced to a crashed-landing and his crew captured (Sergente Maggiore Miniati). On their side the Italians claim an enemy aircraft shot.[3] On the ground, the damage remains moderate with the destruction of a transport vehicle and a blow on a stock of explosive. In addition, four ground personnel are injured.

Excerpt from the logbook of Lieutenant Hendrik J.P. Burger. Collection : SAAF Museum, via Tinus le Roux

Carcass of the Caproni Ca.133 (Sergente Maggiore Miniati) shot by Lieutenant Hendrik J.P. Burger (Hawker Fury No. 200) on 19 October 1940.. Collection : SAAF Museum via Tinus le Roux.

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[2] The incident is reported by Christopher Shores on October 20, while James Ambrose Brown reports on 29 October. Nevertheless, South African documents give the date of October 19, a hypothesis supported by Michael Schoeman.

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