26 August 1940

26 August 1940

Northern Front

Since his return to Sudan, No.223 (RAF) Squadron tqke off for its first mission when five Vickers Wellesley leave to attack the Asmara airfield between 06h00 and 10h00. The opposing reaction is intense with a strong anti-aircraft defense, as well as two Fiat CR.42 from the 412 Squadriglia CT. During the fight, a fighter is claimed damaged, while Tenente Mario Visintini claims a bomber [1]. Indeed, the Vickers Wellesley K7731 (Pilot Officer Joseph C. Smitheram [2], Sergeant Denis F. Shaller [3], Leading Aircraftman Meads [4]) crashed without the crew being able to jump. [5]

Pilot Officer Joseph Colin Smitheram, No.223 (RAF) Squadron. Source : Ancien Combattants Canada – Mémorial Virtuel du Guerre du Canada.

A little earlier in the morning, at 05h30, the Bristol Blenheim Mk IVF L9218 (Flying Officer Stanley C. Pendred [6], Flying Officer Frank M. Hunter [7], Leading Aircraftman Walter Love [8]) is sent for a reconnaissance of the Assab – Mille sector. However, the aircraft not returnn and the Glenn Marin 167-F No. 82 (Flight Lieutnant Jacques Dodelier, Warrant Officer Yves Trecan, Flying Officer Pierre Fenot de Maismont, Flight Sergeant Robert Cunibil) is sent on research, though without success.

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