3 October 1940

3 October 1940

Northern Front

Despite a smaller pace of operation, the Aden-based Bristol Blenheims continue their regular attacks on the various targets of the Eritrea and Northern Ethiopia.

However, these operations are often limited to three aircraft and crews often failing to observe the possible damage of the bombs. The objective of the RAF is, nevertheless, to maintain the pressure on the adversary by incessant harassment, and to force them to a war of attrition that the Italians can not win because of their isolation.

An example of these operations can be found in the daily entry of No.8 (RAF) Squadron and No.39 (RAF) Squadron’s ORB on 3 October 1940. Three Bristol Blenheims from each squadron are sent to bomb the railroad in Ayesha, northeastern Ethiopia, respectively between 05h45 – 08h56 and 10h30 – 13h30. The intervention of two Fiat CR.32 is mentioned in the mission reports, one of them being claimed damaged by the defensive fire of the British bombers, unfortunately without further details.

Bristol Blenheim Mk I (L6653 HV-Y) of No.8 (RAF) Squadron on the airfield of Khormaksar (Aden). Collection : No.8 (RAF) Squadron.

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