2 October 1940

2 October 1940

Northern Front

Three Bristol Blenheim of No.45 (RAF) Squadron take off from Wadi Gazouza, at 14h30 to attack the Gura airfield. Approaching the target, they are intercepted, above Mai Edega, by six Fiat CR.42 of 412a Squadriglia CT. As during the events of 30 September, one of the British aircraft falls victim of Sergeant Maggiore Luigi Baron. This is the Bristol Blenheim L8452. If the observer (Pilot Officer A. Sheppard) can jump and is captured, the pilot (Squadron Leader John W. Dallamore[1]) and the gunner (Sergeant Myles Mackenzie[2]) are killed.[3]

Note that a Blenheim Mk IVF of No.203 (RAF) Squadron is being sent on a recce over Djibouti.[4]


Southern Front

The annoyances of the No.1 (SAAF) Survey Flight continue. Indeed, following requests for new aircraft, the British Aircraft Eagle Eagle ZS-AIY (No. 1415) is sent from Pretoria. After a few attempts, the aircraft is only allowed to fly short distances (and especially not above the italian territory). The other available aircraft is the Envoy No. 252 which spends more time on maintenance than anything else. At the same time, the SAAF announces the availability of an Avro Anson. The latter (N9976) is, in reality, an aircraft abandoned by the British in Mombasa. Incorporated, with the number 1127, it is quickly discarded because it is difficult to use despite several attempts of repairs.

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