4 July 1940

4 July 1940

A letter from Pilot Officer Cecil R. Young to his parents (dated 4 July 1940) partly restores the atmosphere:

« Well, I expect you all know about the situation at home nowdays. A the moment we’re working terrible hard, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week more or less. The chief thing as far as we’re concerned is lack of sleep. They’ve started bombing over here now, yesterday we were bombed. 8 bombs were dropped but only two hit the aerodrome doing no damage at all. Needless to say the two aeroplanes responsible didn’t get back. We’re expecting the real “BlitzKreig” as far as this country is concerned to begin any day now, we’re all ready for them so all I say is good luck to them » .[1]

Flying Officer Peter Collard (P2768), Pilot Officer Petrus H. Hugo (P2963) and Pilot Officer Sydney J. Madle take off for a patrol between 10h55 and 11h55. They are followed in the afternoon (15h10 – 15h20) by Squadron Leader Joseph R. Kayll (P3109) ; Pilot Officer Michael R. Mudie (P2768) et Pilot Officer Cecil R. Montgomery (P2871).

[1] Aircrew Remembered – Cecil R. Young : http://www.aircrewremembered.com/young-cecil-reginald.html

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