4 November 1940

4 November 1940

Northern Front

One of the few existing documents relating to No.1 (SAAF) Squadron provides some details. The unit is based in Azaza (Gedaref) with eight Gloster Gladiator Mk II and the following pilots: Major Schalk van Schalkwyk, Captain Brian J.L. Boyle, Lieutenant Johan J. Coetzer, Andrew Duncan, John L. Hewitson, Robin Pare, Leonard the C. Theron and Servaas de Kock Viljoen.
Three Gladiator Glosters take off in the morning to patrol around Metemma where they meet three Fiat CR.42s of 412a Squadriglia CT. Two fighters are claimed destroyed by Lieutenant Andrew Duncan and Leonard C. Theron, as well as one unconfirmed by Captain Brian J.L. Boyle (N5852). Indeed, the aircraft of Sottotenente Mario Proserpio (injured) is shot down. At the same time, a victory is claimed by an unidentified Italian pilots and a probable by Sergeant Maggiore Luigi Baron.

Logbook, Captain Brian J.L. Boyle, 4 november 1940.

Second Lieutenant Lieutenant Andrew Duncan, Captain Brian J.L. Boyle et Lieutenant Servaas de Kock Viljoen (L – R) in front of a Gloster Gladiator of No.1 (SAAF) Squadron at Azaza. Collection : Brendan Boyle via Tinus le Roux.


For its part, No.203 (RAF) Squadron is proceeding as usual with the protection of ships in the Red Sea. Flight Lieutenant James M.N. Pike aboard L9173 damages a Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 around 10h00. The latter returns to Zula with two dead and two wounded.


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