Category: East Africa

12 June 1940

12 June 1940 Northern Front The British continued to target Italian airfields with a series of bombing raids. Between 11:00 and 16:45, No. 47 and 223 (RAF) Squadrons carried out no fewer than eighteen sorties. They were met by anti-aircraft defences and Fiat CR.42s of 412 Squadriglia over the airfields of Gura (Eritrea) and Asmara.…
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11 June 1940

11 June1940 Northern Front   The “Battle of the Airfields” began at 5.30 when eight Vickers Wellesleys of No.47 (RAF) Squadron took off from Erkowit (Sudan) to target the Italian airfield at Asmara (Eritrea). The raids were carried out at low altitude and took the enemy defences completely by surprise. However, the RAF suffered its…
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9 January 1941

9 January 1941 Northern Front Three Bristol Blenheim Mk IVs, from No.14 (RAF) Squadron, take off at 07:05 for an armed reconnaissance of the Kassala sector. On the return flight, R3899 (Sergeant Leslie A.J. Patey) is badly damaged in a flight with two Fiat CR.42s. According to British documentation, one of the Italian fighters is…
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