12 June 1940

12 June 1940

Northern Front

The British continued to target Italian airfields with a series of bombing raids. Between 11:00 and 16:45, No. 47 and 223 (RAF) Squadrons carried out no fewer than eighteen sorties. They were met by anti-aircraft defences and Fiat CR.42s of 412 Squadriglia over the airfields of Gura (Eritrea) and Asmara. Two bombers were shot down by the Italians, one by fighters and the other by anti-aircraft guns. The British gunners reported damaging two enemy aircraft. Two Vickers Wellesleys of No. 223 (RAF) Squadron (K7747 and K7788) were badly damaged.

According to Pilot Officer Geoffrey O. Ross of 223 Squadron (RAF):

«On 12 June 1940 two Flights of five and three Vickers Wellesley were sent to bomb Gura airfield at high altitude. Above the objective, the formation was attacked by at least four Fiat CR.42s which concentrated on the second Flight formed by our three bombers. The opposing fighters made three attacks from behind at close range. I flew the aircraft furthest out from the formation and took many bullet hits, while my rear gunner, Corporal Reginald Stevenson, was wounded in the leg. However, he continued to operate his machine gun. The attack was repulsed without casualties on either side and we returned to base. On landing, however, my undercarriage collapsed due to damage sustained during the battle. The aircraft was badly damaged and had to be written off. Corporal Reginald Stevenson was sent to hospital in Khartoum. »


One of the Italian fighters was reportedly forced to land and the pilot was slightly injured. The loss is thought to be related to an engine problem.

The Italians resumed their attacks on the Aden protectorate. During the day, seven Savoia-Marchetti SM.81s of the 29bis group took off from Assab to bomb the port and airfield of Khormaksar, without success. Despite nightfall, the Caproni Ca.133s continued their work, as a bombing raid on Sheikh Othman was reported.


Southern Front

Although relatively inactive during this period, the Regia Aeronautica was not entirely absent. 31bis Gruppo carried out several attacks on Moyale during the day, anticipating a limited offensive by Italian troops in the sector, with at least nine Caproni Ca.133s. In addition, 9 Squadriglia, with its six Caproni Ca.133s, was transferred to Luuq (Italian Somalia).

Pertes Commonwealth

 No.8 (RAF) Squadron

Blenheim Mk I  L6653

Pilot Officer  R.C. Young ; Sgt Jones ; LAC Cumner-Price

Endommagé par la DCA, rayé des effectifs.

223 Squadron RAF

Wellesley K7747

Fg Off Ross ; Cpl Stevenson

Endommagé par la DCA ou la chasse, rayé des effectifs.

223 Squadron RAF

Wellesley K7788

Plt Off Ellis ; LAC Lewis P. Jepp

Endommagé par la DCA ou la chasse, rayé des effectifs.

Revendications Commonwealth

223 Squadron RAF

1 Fiat CR 42 détruit et 1 endommagé



Pertes Italie

412a Squadriglia CT

Fiat CR 42


Posé endommagé suite à un problème moteur,  Gura.

Revendications Italie

412a Squadriglia CT

1  Wellesley

Ten Mario Visintini  (Fiat CR 42)


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