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9 January 1941

9 January 1941 Northern Front Three Bristol Blenheim Mk IVs, from No.14 (RAF) Squadron, take off at 07:05 for an armed reconnaissance of the Kassala sector. On the return flight, R3899 (Sergeant Leslie A.J. Patey) is badly damaged in a flight with two Fiat CR.42s. According to British documentation, one of the Italian fighters is…
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Namibia Article

Air Operations under the Southern African Sun. The Namibian Campaign (1914 – 1915). In French and English (available at Amazon: 5 euros). Buy on Amazon Please note that I am not English speaking (I am French). I tried to translate this website to make it understandable to a non-French speaking audience. I present, in advance,…
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Aero Journal article

Combat au-dessus de la Corne de l’Afrique (Juin – Décembre 1940) Download Article published in Aéro Journal n°41 (June – July 2014) :


Introduction After the fall of British Somaliland, the theater of operations will enter a period of calm until the end of 1940. Indeed, the two main belligerents come out exhausted of the first months of combat, while a situation of shutdown is required in land operations. Indeed, despite its victories the Regia Aeronautica must recognize…
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Namibia (1914 – 1915)

Namibia Campaign (1914 – 1915) Air Operations under the Sun of Southern Africa This article is available here in full and for free. However, if you want to support my research you can get a paid version of this article on Amazon (Kindle and Paper version) :  en cliquant ici. The Namibia Campaign[1] is a negligible…
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23 – 30 May 1940

23 – 30 May 1940 : Return on Gloster Gladiator Unfortunately, there is little information available about this period in the squadron ORB, which only starts again in early June. However, it appears that Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders, as well as a part of the pilots, participates in the Dynamo operation within a Flight…
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