23 – 30 May 1940

23 – 30 May 1940 : Return on Gloster Gladiator

Unfortunately, there is little information available about this period in the squadron ORB, which only starts again in early June.

However, it appears that Flight Lieutenant James G. Sanders, as well as a part of the pilots, participates in the Dynamo operation within a Flight created for the occasion on Gloster Gladiator Mk II. This provisional unit is based at Manston, with No. 604 (RAF) Squadron, between 23 and 30 May 1940 [1]. According to No. 604 (RAF) Squadron ORB, the detachment is composed of Flight Lieutenant James B. Sanders, Flying Officer Lionel M. Gaunce and Pilot Officers David Evans, Petrus H. Hugo, Michael R. Mudie and Ralph Roberts. The pilots are then supposed to conduct night patrols over Dunkirk and Boulogne, although the list of flights also seems to show day trips. According to Håkan Gustavsson, four aircraft are used : the K7928, K7970, K8001 (damaged on 26 May in a ground collision with the Bristol Blenheim L6607 on the Manston airfield) and the K8033 [2] .

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